In Denmark, we are passionate about hosting international sporting events

We have the experience and the partners to stage successful events. We recognize the importance of adding value to an event, and we always strive to do our utmost to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.

In Denmark, each event is delivered through a unique and close cooperation between three parties; Sport Event Denmark, the host city and the National Federation

Our role in this event triangle is mainly to provide advice and financial support. The host city contributes in the areas of funding, logistical support and promotion of the event. The national federation is responsible for all technical and commercial matters; such as ticket sales and sponsorship.

This model creates a joint team that is contributing to and taking responsibility for every aspect of the event. It keeps all three parties actively engaged in the event from the vital bidding phase to the execution of a carefully planned, commercially viable and overall successful event

Our Vision

Denmark's position as one of the leading sporting event nations in the world should be maintained and expanded with new flagship events

Our ambition is for events throughout Denmark to unite and inspire people, generate international turnover and attention, and with a focus on responsible event management, including social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Our Mission

Sport Event Denmark is the national focal point for the vision

Through targeted and close cooperation with national federations/organizers and host cities – and with the involvement of volunteers, associations, and other organizations – an event portfolio is created with significant societal effects.


Our Values

Sport Event Denmark is a professional, targeted, and efficient, small organization with big ambitions

Our value foundation:

Relevant: We strive to be a relevant partner for our stakeholders, especially national federations/event organizers, and host cities.

Credible: We work to be a credible partner for both international rights holders and national stakeholders.

Value-Creating: We focus on creating value for stakeholders, the tourism industry, and the society.

Our board as of March 1, 2023:

  • Peter Sørensen (Chairman of the Board), Mayor, Horsens Municipality
  • Elisabeth Milton, Head of Global HR, Falck
  • Kit Lykketoft, Director of Convention, Wonderful Copenhagen
  • Allan L. Agerholm, Chairman of the Board, Parken Sport & Entertainment
  • Camilla Andersen*, Director, Travel Sense
  • Erik Kristensen**, Leisure and Rural District Manager, Aalborg Municipality 

*Appointed by the Danish Sports Confederation
** Appointed by the Danish Sports Confederation, DGI, and Danish Company Sports